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“The human being first!
The core of my motivation, of my inspiration.”

The artist... actor, acrobat, dancer, singer, musician continues to be the most beautiful resource of a creation! Of course, there is the music, powerful and evocative! And undeniably, the movement, the feeling, the light, the intuition, the emotion! Creating from the human in front of you; from their uniqueness, their power, their complexity, their fragility, is still the most beautiful and rich way to make the heart of a creation beat.

I am an artist and creator who transforms and transposes my role and my responsibilities depending on the nature of the project, its context, or its employer. Here is a snapshot of a few projects for each of my many hats, as well as the vision that I bring with me, in which I firmly believe, and which plays a role in the attempt to determine the actions, nuances, and postures that is proper to each of my different hats.



The role of artistic quality director is to keep each show alive in the most honest and most authentic way to the original creation. It is an honourable mission that takes shape fully with the upkeep of the show’s integrity, but also in the ability to recreate, all while taking into consideration a large array of parameters which are constantly changing, in context of shows on tour – nationally and internationally.

I believe that it is primordial to follow the existence of a show by taking into consideration, first and foremost, the humans who make it happen at every moment. It is a work that requires listening, sensitivity, and decision making based on reflection and feeling. Using the strengths of each individual to develop the shows! Reacting to changes with intuition and with thought. Because I believe that the beauty of a show lives in its changing nature, in its constant movement, in the unique present moment in which it is lived and received… And which fully takes form because it is brought forth with all the heart and all the talent of the human beings who carry it!


For the creation and direction of unique, sensitive, human projects!
Motivated by the need to create, I also want to keep space for the voice of creators and artists in order to keep their inspiration alive! As an artist and creator, it is also my task to rouse the creation. A mission, sometimes vertiginous, that gives me goosebumps, but, oh, how it is necessary!

Going forward with that which I hold dear to feed my creativity and that of others!

Stay inspired to become and to continue to be inspiring… I hope!!!
All while concretely taking on the concept creation, the staging, or the movement/choreography.

I give myself the mandate to stay listening and open to new ideas, all while not losing sight of the overall vision of a project, and above all else, to preserve the heart and the soul as the basis that motivates all actions and decisions. I believe that, in this, there is a sensitive dance that must be filled with humility, listening and guidance. I believe deeply in a human-centered and authentic leadership.



Movement is my essence. A way of life. The verb “to dance” conjugated into all tenses!

My work as a choreographer manifests itself in multiple types of projects. I can create a choreography in the way that we typically we know it, built from the music, by artists who perform it, according to the nature of the project. I can also approach the movement in a more organic way, less planned, more intuitive. I love this detailed work of movement without it necessarily being choreography.

It is through choreography that my interest and expertise were refined to be able to bring dance and movement to artists, and principally those who are not dancers by training – acrobats, singers, musicians, actors. Working from who they are, from their talent and unique abilities, is incredible! Researching, composing, and finding with them the various possible ways that the movement can take. Here again, there is the necessary work of sharing with the performer, and it is with this relationship that my role as creator can be fully realized.

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